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About Us

Our mission: Reliability and quality

To create sustainable value during the whole process from harvesting to packaging to delivery, in accordance with a reliable business model that is focused on continued high quality.

Our Vision: Sustainability on a global scale

Based on the demands of our valued customers, maximizing our product quality and achieving sustainable quality on a global scale through continually improving our processing procedures with maximum transparency.

Since 1979

Established as a local family business in 1979 in Siirt, Aydın Kuruyemiş chose Istanbul, a world city, as its headquarters in the upcoming years. Today, Aydın Kuruyemiş maintains its production in plants located around Turkey, and has positioned itself among the companies sought in its industry both domestically and internationally thanks to its successful history and sense of operating without sacrificing quality.

We are a family business founded in Siirt in 1979. Later on, Aydin Kuruyemis moved its headquarters to Istanbul, one of the world's trade centres. Today, Aydin Kuruyemis has its own manufacturing operations all over Turkey with a great track record of success. We have become a successful brand in both domestic and international markets.

Due to ever increasing growth in investments and volume of business, Aydin Kuruyemis has regional offices in Gaziantep, Siirt, Mersin, Ankara, and Izmir. Aydin Kuruyemis has more than 1000 employees maintaining the current product operations, using state of the art technology in its closed facilities of more than 100,000 m2, located in Siirt, Istanbul, Mersin, Gaziantep and Sakarya (Hendek).

To supply our global customers with the most natural flavoured products, in the best hygienic conditions, Aydin Kuruyemis conducts its production operations conforming to the most stringent food and safety standards.

The company conducts its business in more than 57 countries worldwide and owns an extensive chain of global marketing, sales and distribution.

The core reason for Aydin Kuruyemis’ success in placing itself among the leading global brands, and how it rose to the top is due to the emphasis placed on product quality, recruitment of experienced, specialized and qualified personnel, and a management team that makes more effective use of advanced technology particularly in its R&D department.

Aydin Kuruyemis continues to move towards its goals by still holding on to its ethical values with all the excitement of the first day.

Production Process

As a result of our facilities' unprecedented processing approach; the freshness, richness and distinguished flavour of our products has made Aydın Kuruyemiş a renowned name in quality all around the world. Equipped with the most recent technology, our factories use the most productive sorting, classification, processing, roasting, frying and packaging methods, to enable our brand the processing proficiency to produce thousands of tons of dried nuts.

After packaging, our products are preserved in cold storage until market release. We provide a diverse range of products, packaged in many different forms such as vacuum, doypack, sealpack, multivac and pillow packs.

Product Safety and Quality
Aydın Kuruyemis adheres to the international quality standards, throughout the determination of its production processes. Thus, Aydin Kuruyemis obtained many notable certificates in the international market such as BRC, IFC, and today we sustain our production operations within the frame of global quality standards.

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